Hello to all our Loyal Convention Goers

We are saddened to announce that the 4H center asked us not to return due to bad behavior of an attendee. We have always tried to be good stewards of the 4H center for the past 30 years and quickly address any situation that has arisen.  As we all know, with the diversity of our fellowship comes challenges with behavior.  We missed this one.  For this we are sincerely sorry.  So, for 2023 there will not be an Almost Heaven area convention at the Northern Virginia 4H center.  Maybe never again. Please join us in prayer of forgiveness.

For 2024 with the World Convention scheduled about three weeks after ours and us managing a tight budget in our constant effort to keep our convention affordable we also made the decision to cancel our convention.  We endeavor for your understanding.

Hopefully, everyone will take the opportunity to experience our world convention in Washington, DC and experience our world-wide fellowship up close even if it’s just one day.

We are looking at other venues and as soon as we have more information will update you all.

Yours in Service

Almost Heaven Area Convention