AHA Guidelines

In January 1985, our Area was formed in the spirit of love. We would like to continue our spiritual direction, asking that each member act with respect and love to every other member of the conference. From our inception, we have worked in the spirit of unanimity. This process allows all members to have their questions, answers and all input heard before votes are taken. This course of action takes time and allows a loving God to express himself through an informed group conscience. We have to, in all our endeavors, strive to better carry the message in a loving way to the addict who still suffers. With everyone’s help, we can still do this just for today, the NA way. We are dedicated to be supportive to our members, our groups, our service committees and Local service Group (LSU) and their primary purpose so that no addict seeking recovery need die without having the chance to find a better way of life. We are committed to the linking together, within our Area by helping each other deal with our basic needs and situations and by encouraging the growth of our fellowship. This conference is here to serve the basic functions of unifying the fellowship within our area, to contribute to carrying the message of recovery through the LSU actions and contribute to the growth of NA by initiating work to be finalized at the World Service Conference. We must always remember as individual members, groups and service bodies; we are not in competition with each other and never should be. We work separately and together to help the newcomer and for our common good. Internal strife cripples our fellowship and prevents us from providing the services necessary for our growth.

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