Local Service Committee


As per policy

1. In order to minimize time spent debating in conference matters, a sub-committee/LSC system is used by the Almost Heaven Area. (11/11)

2. Each sub-committee/LSC is responsible to the Area. In order to better serve, a subcommittee/LSC may choose to elect officers, along with chair/vice chair. (11/11) 

3. During all sub-committee/LSC meetings, minutes should be recorded of discussions and decisions of that sub-committee/LSC meeting and those minutes be mailed to the respective members of that sub-committee, ASC vice-chair, at least fifteen (15) days prior to the next scheduled sub-committee/LSC meeting. (11/11)

4. All sub-committees/LSC will submit an itemized annual budget proposal for the upcoming calendar year in November. (12/06) (11/08) (11/11)

 5. All Sub-committees and the LSC will meet in a public place. (6/05) (11/11)

 6. All reports will be e-filed to the area secretary, if possible (4/07) (11/11)

2. Vice-Chairperson

b. Facilitates the LSC. (11/11)C